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Boat Clean Bottom

The Boat Bottom Protector

The Boat Bottom Protector

  • Developed & Tested for all marine conditions such as nutrient-rich Caribbean waters to the icy Nordic seas
  • The Boat Bottom Protector creates a tight seal around the hull
  • Thus creating a nutrient- and oxygen-poor environment without light which minimizes the risk of marine growth, like barnacles and algae.
  • The Boat Bottom Protector also blocks sunlight that is essential for marine growth
  • Extra buoyancy that raises your hull in the water and allows you to keep your motor dry 
  • Proven success even at more exposed mooring places like at high salinity salt water seacoast.

    Reduces the need for boat upkeep.

    Allowed in all marinas.

    Made for salt and fresh water.

    Less than an hour to install.

    Made for inboard/outboard & outboard boats.

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    Protects your boat hull guaranteed.


    Allowed in all marinas unlike boatlifts


    Can be used in both salt and fresh water

    Easy to Install

    Less than an hour to install and can fit in the trunk of your car


    Protects inboard/outboard & outboard boats

    Saves Time and Effort

    Reduces boat maintenance time and cost

    Protects the Environment

    Prevents paint and other toxins from polluting our waterways

    100% Effective - Guaranteed

    100% Satisfaction or we will refund your entire purchase

    Recycled Materials

    100% Respectful to the environment

    How It Works?

    No Light, No Nutrition, No Oxygen, No Marine Growth

    Without the Boat Bottom Protector

    Anything can live here. The light, nutrition supply, and oxygenation create an environment for marine growth alongside your boat hull.

    With the Boat Bottom Protector

    The patented design creates a tight seal around the hull blocking sunlight and oxygen to prevent marine growth

    Perfectly Clean Elevated Docking

    A small gap of nutrient- and oxygen-poor water is formed between the boat and the cover, preventing growth on the hull. Extra buoyancy raises your boat in the water allowing for dry storage of your motor

    Boat Parking Made Easy

    Drive directly onto the Boat Bottom Protector to secure your boat in place. No need for extra hands and help when docking, boarding, and loading.

    How to Use?

    Simple and Efficient - Less than an Hour to Install in any dock slip or marina.

    4 Easy Steps, Less Than an Hour, Only Once in a year

    1. Transport

    In the trunk of your car. Light-weight and compact for you to carry by yourself.

    2. Unfold

    The Protector on your dock or onshore

    3. Assemble

    In 30 minutes or less to assemble and have the Protector water ready!

    4. Place in the water

    From the dock or your boat, secure the Protector to the dock

    Boat Owners Love Their Boats

    and Protect Their Boats with BoatCleanBottom

    Do you have an extra wide boat?